Innovation Laoshan, is a leader that guiding the industrial development. Laoshan district follows the idea of chasing the leading edge, searching for premium, gathering relevant enterprises and promoting cluster development. Laoshan district aims to build a leading industrial area and Shandong demonstration area for new and old kinetic energy conversion by accelerating cluster development of Four-industry, “6+1” emerging industrial system and Five-action of new and old kinetic energy conversion.
Innovation Laoshan, is a pioneer of development. Eco-Industrial chains has been formatting, Laohsan district will build “one-area three-belt”, a central area of innovation. (Which is Bohai-surrounded area of high-end R & D resources gathering zone, Shandong-peninsula advanced industry rising zone, venture leading talents gathering zone and Shandong-peninsula marine economy innovation core-area.) It constructs an innovation and venture carrier for nursery garden, incubator, accelerator and industrial park, mainly focus on Qingdao Binhai Innovation Avenue, Qingdao Jinzhu Venture Street, Qingdao Startup Street, Qingdao International Innovation Park, Qingdao International Maker Community.

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Qingdao Jufeng Entrepreneurship Building, No. 52, Miaoling Road, Qingdao City


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